Club Lottery


As you may, or may not know the clubs runs a Lottery. This lottery consists of a monthly draw with a 50% of taking pay-out. The remaining money goes to help with the running of the Club.

Anyone can join if they are over 18, including parents and family members. The cost is £5 per month payable by bank transfer or standing order. There are two forms to fill in, one for your bank and the second as a registration form. (Should you wish to transfer money by online banking then I only need the registration form.)

Lottery Registration form

Standing order form

Each member will be allocated a fixed number which will be entered into the draw each month. The winning numbers will be advertised monthly on the Club website and social media pages.

I hope as many of you will join as “the more the merrier” and the monthly pay-out and help with the club finances will increase.

If you have any problems getting hold of these forms or require additional information then please e-mail me and I will respond. My address is

Have a great season and I look forward to you joining in with this worthwhile scheme.

Terry Burns.