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Order your CNW X OPRO gumshield today!

Order your CNW X OPRO gumshield today!

Dominic Bell6 Jun - 13:40
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Ahead of the new season, get your new CNW dentist grade gumshield!

We have worked with OPRO to design a CNWHC dentist level gumshield that you can fit at home. As well as getting 10% off their whole website using code CNW10 the club will also receive a 10% rebate on all orders, so you're supporting the club finances whilst looking after your teeth!

Benefits of the Instant Custom-Fit mouthguard:

OPRO’s revolutionary fitting mechanism allows youto take an instant dentist
impression of your teeth whilst moulding your Custom-Fit mouthguard

You can choose between 3 protection levels and add anti-microbial protection to the

Prices start from just £29.99 plus you will receive 10% off the entire OPRO range if you use
the following code CNW10

No waiting for your mouthguard! The Instant Custom-Fit can be manufactured in as little as
2 days. Once fitted at home it’s ready to use

You will receive a complimentary Self-Fit mouthguard to practise the fitting process with and this can be used as a spare mouthguard for the season

To order an Instant Custom-Fit please follow the steps below:

1. Visit
2. Choose the mouthguard you’d like to purchase
3. Enter the discount code at checkout to receive 10% off
4. Your OPRO Instant Custom-Fit will be sent to the delivery address provided
5. Follow the fitting instructions included with the mouthguard
6. Your mouthguard is now ready to use!

If you have any questions about the products or OPRO’s service please contact their customer care team directly on 01442 430690 or email

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